Disrupting a
stale industry.

An EdTech based in Melbourne, HEX are innovating in a world desperate for innovation. The traditional schooling and higher ed systems were stuck in the past for years...
until these guys came along.

HEX knew they needed to embrace online courses in an engaging and relatable way. That meant a big library of video content tailored to fit interactive and nuanced educational content.
Stacked Content DNA
2 minutes

50+ contributors and counting

To capture various opinions of leaders in their respective industries, we had to be prepared in our approach and sure of our outcome for each talent.

Working with the HEX team we ensured our
set-up was scalable, and that the process was quick and efficient both for our production needs and the talent involved.

Producing interviews of over 50 thought leaders across 5 modules quicker than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (maybe).
Narrative Stacking

240+ videos 😤

HEX needed to produce hundreds of educational videos across a range of topics, featuring talent with unique personalities, while still maintaining some brand consistency. Not to mention a few marketing cuts to drive audience engagement.

We collaborated closely with the HEX team to maintain transparency and agility on the production side so we could roll with the punches without blowing up the budget.

High quality.
Highly organised.

How do you keep track of over 180 videos on various subjects ensuring they’re informative, entertaining, don’t have tyops, are consistent, and talk to the intended audience?

A streamlined feedback process and clearly labelled assets delivered so they are intuitively ready to use.
“The Stacked team have been amazing to work with! Thanks for helping us to bring HEX Ed to life!”
Jeanette Cheah
CEO & Founder - HEX

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