Contact sport meets safety technology.

HitIQ needed a content library to match their progressive rebrand and their innovative head impact monitoring technology.

A push for further investment and the approach of global clients meant they needed to balance a strong and established feel with dynamic content that would draw the eye and focus the mind.

Making sport more human.

Head impact detection is about protecting human beings. Bringing relatable, diverse faces to the HitIQ brand allowed customers and leagues alike to connect with the mission of protecting players.

Use of lighting and backgrounds that matched brand colours allowed the HitIQ brand to carry through every visual element.

Less time,
more content.

HitIQ needed to appeal to investors, American markets, Australian markets, European markets, grass roots players and league executives all at once.

By scheduling shoots with all of HitIQ’s products, and a diverse cast of actors with gear for a myriad of sports, we were able to capture footage and images that could be used across any channel with any audience.

Content ready for immediate use

Video, photography and short animated clips were used to enhance HitIQ’s new website and bring a new dimension to their pitch decks and print collateral.

Through careful editing and content organisation, the HitIQ marketing team had the freedom to autonomously create impactful collateral.

An evergreen content library.

By capturing a variety of angles, movements and subjects the HitIQ content library can be used to reach audiences across multiple sports and countries without the need for constant reshoots.

$10m investment
and rising

HitIQ used their new content and brand to spread the word about some big name partnerships and big ticket technology updates.

This helped them secure over $10m in investment and saw the company go public gaining 30% in their share price on debut.

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